Back on track: My ideal Day.

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been a month since my previous blog entry. What happened? Life happened! I took on a job for a couple of weeks that brought in quite a bit of extra money which brings me closer to my goal: to live a location independent life. It was not just financially profitable, but also a great adventure: working closely with strangers who became friends, going to and beyond my limits with up to 16-hour-work-days. A very welcome adventure and at the same time it made me realize again: this is not how I want to live my life.

To get back on track, I decided to share my ideal day with you today. This is an exercise that was first introduced to me by my favorite coaching trainers Barbara Sher. She also invented success teams, idea parties and scanners (no, not the photographic device). But more about all that another time.

So here is my ideal day: I wake up in the morning(ish), the sun shines bright, and the first sight my eyes catch is luscious nature. I’m in a forest, by the ocean, or nearby a mountain lake. Usually my first thought would be: I want to stay in bed at least until noon, as I think bed is one of the best places one can spend a day. But I know there is something even more cozy and relaxing out there: a hot tub or a warm pool!

So I get up and over and I slide into the comforting warm water of an outdoor pool or tub. There is either no other people present at all or there is silence. I gaze into the blue of a clear sky and I start thinking how amazing life is and wondering what kind of adventures I would like to have today.

Shortly after the peak of being even more relaxed than when I woke up, my mind wonders how wonderful coffee would be now and my body follows. And shortly after I have bought a triple-shot-caramel-soy-latte with cinnamon and cacao powder on top plus a peanut-butter-gluten-free-sesame-bagel and have started enjoying eating it while doing some light stretches, me and my computer find our place in a hammock or on a deck or in a chair and we start communicating with the world.

Around noon I start getting a bit restless, so I get on my electric eco-friendly motorbike and on the way I decide if I want to go to my favorite lunch place by the beach and meet some friends or if I will explore something else today.

In the afternoon (before or after a nap) it’s time for the gym where I also always meet some people I can practice kung fu and/or chi kung with. I feel very alive.

And then it’s early evening and it is time for a session with a coaching client, in real life in person or via skype or by phone. Or for a success team that I lead to pursue the participants’ dreams and to live a life full of joy and meaning. All my clients are becoming more successful and getting happier every week since they started working with me, so they don’t mind at all to pay me a monetary appreciation that enables me to work with just one client or group a day.

The day comes to a close by attending a late night dinner, meeting interesting people in a bar or a club and finally either watching a good comedy show under the stars at my place or taking very good company back to the jacuzzi. Life truly is amazing!

Part two of this exercise is to think about which parts of your ideal day are the most important ones and how you can integrate them in your life as soon as possible. My most important ingredients are: being in nature, being in warm water, communicating with the world, working out, helping people to fulfill their dreams, meeting interesting people.

Now my mission is to bring all these aspects into my life within the next three days. I already achieved success in “communicating with the world” by you reading this article. Thank you!

And what is your ideal day?

P.S. I feel very grateful for all my friends and colleagues who encouraged me to keep writing by asking for my next blog entry. Please don’t let me get away with not writing for another month or even for a week. You know where I live!


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