Beam me over: my life as a jumper.

What does location independence mean to me? Imagine you could go instantly from one place to another, like being beamed in Star Trek or in the movie “Jumper”. You could have breakfast by the Eiffel Tower in Paris, spend the morning in a beautiful hot spring in Northern California, go swimming with dolphins somewhere in the South Seas for the afternoon, and go to Manhattan for a party at night.

This is the kind of freedom and adventure I want in my life. And for as long as no device is invented – as far as I know and it might be a good thing as those places would probably quickly become overcrowded – I am determined to live that way anyway, only spread over a larger period of time and including quality times on airplanes with varieties of fun choices when it comes to their entertainment programs, good company, and excellent food.

I know what you think: that’s impossible! But I actually was on an airplane once or twice and did enjoy the food. Maybe it was the wine…


I will leave home city Frankfurt, Germany in 136 days to become a digital nomad and travel the world. This blog is to share my story with you. I am also a participant in the 30 day blog challenge by Suitcase Entrepeneur Natalie Sisson:


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