Freedom and adventure.

One of my role models when it comes to being a digital nomad introduced me to four different kinds of freedom: location freedom, time freedom, financial freedom and inner freedom.

Location freedom means to me that I could work from anywhere I want to work from. In my case it would probably be the beach most of the time. Or a hot spring in northern California. Or beautiful spas in exciting cities all around the world.  Location freedom would be an amazing gift: I could be out there, explore the world, live life as an adventure. And I could also retreat into a cosy nest and stay there for a couple of weeks or months if I feel like it. What an amazing life! Unfortunately I didn’t have this in my job as an event manager.

If I had time freedom, I wouldn’t have any set times when I have to work: no appointments, no meetings, no scheduled sessions. I could go with the flow, work whenever I want to and wouldn’t have to build my life around any time slots. I think I would love it. And that’s probably the reason why I’m not a hundred percent happy with my job as a coach: yes, I can work from anywhere via phone and skype as most of my clients find out that it’s not necessary to be in the same room with me to have a session. But I still have appointments. Not a big issue, but not perfect either. Maybe I should become a writer, that was always a dream of mine.

Financial freedom would be quite exciting too. To me it means to be able to afford anything I really want. And I don’t really want to own five sports cars, three houses, a yacht and a private yet. That would be too much stuff that needs to be taken care of and I could never use it all at the same time anyway. I’d much rather have the option to rent a beautiful car until I get bored of it, live in a beautiful house for a while if I feel like it and then change it for another one or be on the road living in a camper van for a while or sleeping under the stars in a hammock, and then be invited by friends to their yachts and their private jets. I learned from the book “The 4-hour workweek” that you don’t have to be super rich to live the life of your dreams. And of course financial freedom would also mean not to have to work at all, at least for (quite) a while.

Inner freedom might be the most important freedom: trusting life and your own ability, being available to new things, stepping into the unknown, being able to bear stressful thoughts and situations, believing that it’s at least an option to get what you really want, is like a foundation for going for the three other kinds of freedom. One could think that if you’re really free on the inside,  external circumstances become less important and you would feel less compelled to change anything. But I disagree: of course it’s priceless to be happy and content in any situation and if you happen to be a prisoner or a slave, being free on the inside is the only option you have. But no human being that has reached a certain level of inner freedom and has his or her head on straight would stay in a dark and cold jail cell if the door is open.

If I had to choose only one of these types of freedom I would be in real trouble. I refuse to choose. I want it all. And I want it in 141 days 🙂

The four kinds of freedom were introduced to me by David Wood:

“The 4-hour workweek” was written by Timothy Ferriss:

I will leave my German home city Frankfurt in 141 days to become a digital nomad and I am a participant in the 30 day blog challenge by Suitcase Entrepeneur Natalie Sisson:


3 responses to “Freedom and adventure.”

  1. nina says :

    christian I LOVE that post… you shouldn’t become a writer, you already ARE one 🙂

  2. Wendy Tomlinson says :

    Hi, great post. The questions in the challenge are great aren’t they? I’m loving it. I’m a coach too. When I first set my business up I built it around working anywhere. I do now take coaching calls and in person as I’m very settled in one place for now, however my business is still built mainly around email coaching courses and I’m constantly creating products that sell for me even when I’m not working, so that when the travel bug strikes again, as I know it will, I can pack up and go. Best wishes. Wendy

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