Exploring time and space.

I always wanted to be an explorer. My childhood heroes were people like Captain Kirk and Captain Future. When I was a kid I often stood at my window and pretended my room was a space shuttle that I could navigate to any place I felt curious about.

On the other hand I adored characters that didn’t take things too serious, said and did whatever they chose in them moment, no matter how much sense it would make, who had an attitude and lifestyle of no commitment, and who would do what ever pleases them in the moment, like Chevy Chase in Caddyshack or nowadays a Hank Moody in Californication.

If I woke up tomorrow and I was free to do anything I wanted with my life, I would create my own real life space shuttle, fueled by creativity and courage, spiked with an uncompromising attitude, outgoingness, and availability, equipped with a heart of gold’s improbability drive. It would take me to beautiful places and it would make me encounter marvellous adventures. That tomorrow is in 143 days. That real life space shuttle is this blog.

I’m a participant of the 30 day blog challenge:



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