Truth and Dare.

I decided to give up my flat, sell my stuff and become a digital nomad in 150 days. That happened on Wednesday last week. Truth is, I always wanted to be free to go where ever my imagination takes me and to do what ever my heart tells me to do much more than anything else. Why would anyone live in the same place, walk the same paths, spend their time doing the same things over and over again beyond the point when it stops being exciting, while the world is so big and juicy and full of everything?

Truth is, I know an answer to this question. Seven years ago I came back here with a plan to take off again almost right away. And it didn’t happen. Instead I stayed and life happened. Not a bad life, not a life without joy. But not a life that makes my heart sing either. For seven years! How did this happen? I kind of lost track. This won’t happen again.

This blog and you are here to be my witness. To make sure I will make it, take off, and live a life less ordinary. Because if I can do it, so can you. If I can live my dreams, you have no excuse either. Because all the doubts, all the limitations, all the reasons why it’s impossible to get what you want and to live a life that truly makes you happy, I know them too, and I believe those voices, at least sometimes.

But I don’t believe that we are put on this planet to become bored to death, to live our dreams only while we are asleep and to sacrifice our lives for a sense of safety and security. I believe we are here to find out who we really are. And that’s no text book wisdom, that is an adventure to be lived and a treasure to be quested.

Don’t leave me hanging. I promise to do my best to make it worth your while. And please excuse any flaws in wording or grammar as English is not my first language. Welcome to this credible journey!

By the way, not to loose track I entered an inspiring 30-day-blog contest:


5 responses to “Truth and Dare.”

  1. Kiriaki Zegli says :

    Go for Christian! It’s exciting, adventurous and courageous! Who needs security/safety? Life doesn’t…You/We are Life! Let your heart sing you the sweetest song!

  2. Natalie says :

    Courageous, indeed. I wish you well on your preparation for now.
    You know where you can find coaches if you might encounter some resistance 😉

  3. Bettina says :

    Go Christian, go! Will support you as good as I can. Bettina

  4. Anke says :

    it’s home to be on the road and go where ever you are… home is in anyway with you in you ENJOY this amazing life to the fullest.. it is worth every second every moment every breath

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